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Israel Recognizes Transgender Man As Biological Father

Israel’s Interior Ministry has for the first time recognized two biological fathers of the same baby.

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Transgender man denied legal claims to his son


The Osaka Family Court on Friday rejected a demand from a 31-year-old transsexual man for the court to confirm that a 1-year-old boy his wife had using a third person’s sperm is his legitimate child.

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11 year old transgender boy shares story at school

When 11 year old Wren Kauffman goes back to school this week, he won’t be hiding the fact that he’s actually a girl.

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Use of preferred gender pronouns indicates expanding acceptance of transgender people

As Nicholas Gumas settles into his third year at George Washington University, he won’t just be asking incoming students for names, majors and home towns. If the situation calls for it, he says he’ll ask for preferred gender pronouns, or PGPs.

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Transsexuality redefined

Identifying as transgender is no longer to be taught as a psychological disorder after changes are made to psychiatric handbook.

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