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Transgender pregnancy: The last frontier in assisted reproductive technology

Eby Heller and Jenna Jacobs walked hand-in-hand on the path beside their red chicken barn, Heller’s beach ball belly pushing tight against her winter coat as the couple grinned with anticipation of the upcoming birth of their first child.

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Donate to an Iranian refugee trans guy


Sam is an Iranian trans guy, who was just recently deported to Hungary. He had applied for asylum.

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Third gender demand election tickets

At a time when different communities have been demanding their representation in the state apparatus, the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community has demanded that that the political parties should field candidates from their community also in the upcoming CA elections to ensure their representation.

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Transgender teen crowned homecoming queen at O.C. high school

Cassidy Lynn Campbell broke down in tears Friday night when she learned that she had been crowned homecoming queen.

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5th Transgender Council to be organized by TransVanilla

The first ever council held in Eastern Europe will take place in Hungary a country which is an excellent site for building bridges between Eastern and Western Europe. Budapest is one of the most beautiful historical capitals in Europe. Often called the Little Paris of Middle Europe, or the Pearl of the Danube, Budapest located at the crossroads of West and East making it a perfect place for opening dialogues.

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Név a múltból - Name from the past

ENGLISH - #LGRforHungary - Call to action page

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