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Transvanilla condemns the legislation passed by the Hungarian Parliament yesterday

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Transvanilla condemns the legislation passed by the Hungarian Parliament yesterday that restricts children's right to sexual health, sexual health education, freedom of expression and information, and discriminates against many children and their families living in the country.

The law prohibits products, advertisments and media content available to anyone under 18 which represents an identity not corresponding to the sex at birth, gender reassignment or homosexuality. In addition, it prohibits the coverage of LGBTQI people in social advertisements, as well as all LGBTQI-themed educational programs that mention gay or trans people in connection with the diversity of sexual orientations or gender identities.

The legal regulation is  not compatible with those international human rights treaties the Hungarian State has joined.. Furthermore, it is of serious concern that the regulations adopted in a few days time without professional and social consultation prohibit and sanction all dialogues on sexual and gender diversity  in general and in broad terms. This will allow the Government to interpret and apply these rules in accordance with its current interests in the future.

“In light of all this, it is difficult to predict the consequences of initiatives such as the ‘Name from the Past’ campaign launched by Transvanilla” - as Barnabas Hidasi, president of the organization, pointed out. Name from the Past is a social initiative creating harmony between trans and cis people, bringing attention to the problem of what it is like to officially live with a name that no longer or never ever belonged to the person concerned.

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