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Transgender woman awarded EUR 5,000 in gender equality case against AIB

The Equality Tribunal has awarded transgender woman Deirdre O'Byrne EUR 5,000 compensation after it ruled she had been discriminated against by AIB. In October 2010, in accordance with the declarations on her change of name of deed poll, she approached the bank to inform them of her change of name. The bank changed her name and gender on her credit card, but told her to close down her 'cashsave' account. The equality tribunal found she has been discriminated against on gender grounds, and have ordered the bank to review their policies in relation to people who change their name.

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I'm confident the US military can handle openly transgender soldiers

Repealing don't ask, don't tell was big. But the discrimination that continues undermines the honor of my fellow service members.

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Same sex Partnerships and Gender Recognition for Albania, CoE clears the path for it

Representatives of Council of Europe, Albanian’s Ombudsman, Government, opposition and LGBT organizations were present today in a conference in Tirana to present two main legislation initiatives.

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Georgina Somerset - obituary

Georgina Somerset was an intersexual brought up as a boy who fought a traumatic battle to be accepted as a woman.

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Intersex women speak out to protect the next generation

One in 2,000 babies does not fit neatly into male or female categories. Sarah Morrison meets four members of a new group that’s campaigning to change attitudes and to help others feel less alone.

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